Makeup has long been a hot-button topic in the world of feminism. Can you be a feminist if you wear makeup? Can you be a feminist if you try to tell women they shouldn’t wear makeup? Most of us feminist-minded people have landed somewhere in the middle, encouraging women to do whatever they please, whether that means wearing makeup or going au naturale.

For all the women who choose to employ cosmetics in their beauty routine, there are definitely ways to go about your routine that are more feminist than others. First of all, check in with yourself and figure out why you’re wearing makeup. Is it because you feel like you have to, or because you just want to wear it? If it’s simply because you enjoy makeup and aren’t doing it to fit into societal norms, then great!

Second, make an educated decision on what brand of cosmetics you’re going to purchase. In a world of companies with predominately male CEOs, the cosmetics industry is a platform for women to really make strides in the business world. So support your fellow women!

Here are 3 feminist-minded cosmetics companies that will allow you to apply your makeup with a clear, feminist conscience:



1. PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics

Founded on the ideals of truthfulness, non-stealing and non-violence (three ideals found in Yoga Sutras), this cosmetics line gives all of the after tax, distributable funds to women’s health advocacy and to other human rights issues. It refuses to work with companies that engage in slave labor and requires the companies it does business with to provide fair wages. Not to mention, the products are reasonably priced in classic colors. Who says you have to sacrifice beauty for your ideals?



2. MAC

At last, a legitimate reason to splurge on those MAC lipsticks. In 1994 MAC launched its VIVA GLAM lipsticks and lip glasses to support research for HIV/AIDS. Today it’s endorsed by feminists like Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, and every cent that it makes on the VIVA GLAM lipsticks and lipglass goes to the MAC AIDS Fund. Needless to say, this line of lipsticks is long-lasting and full of a wide array of vibrant hues to fit any occasion.


3. The Body Shop

Its motto of “Beauty with Heart” says it all. The Body Shop has active campaigns battling sex trafficking and domestic violence, as well as raising awareness of global HIV/AIDS. It sources from raw ingredients around the world and utilizes artisan farmers, and refuses to test its products on animals. If that’s not enough, just try out the All-In-One BB Cream – it blends into a flawless, color-matching finish on your face while providing moisturizing skin care.