The time of champagne toasts and party hats has come to a close but this year’s resolution goals are here again.

There are many ways to start the New Year off right and downsizing your wardrobe is a great way to start fresh in 2015. Cleaning out a closet and ridding yourself of all clutter is rewarding in itself but there are a variety of ways to reuse what you already have for less.

Instead of going out and buying a new wardrobe, make new the clothes you already have. Below are five simple, inexpensive ways to modernize your wardrobe in the new year.

5 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

1. Hem a skirt


One of the easiest ways to change or update a skirt is with a simple hem. Taking off a few inches or getting rid of a ruffle can make even the worst 90’s pencil skirt a staple mini year round.

Tip: The fastest way is with a quick stitch on a sewing machine but if you don’t have one handy, a simple needle and thread will suffice. With the right touch, any skirt can be altered and all you need is a pair of scissors, needle and thread.

2. Update a jacket lining 

A new lining can change any jacket or blazer. A good silk or funky pattern lining are the best ways to fix a thrifted coat or one that you already have.

Tip: A pop of color (especially with a rolled sleeve) is perfect for a staple jacket but a pattern works as well. Feel free to experiment with the material as well. However, changing the lining can be a little tricky so if you’re not ready, find a local seamstress or friend to help you with the first one. 


3. Dye a top

Stains are inevitable, especially on lighter colors like white and grey. If you are unable to get rid of the stain, try out a dye that can easily be done at home. Your favorite top can be saved with just one bottle of dye and a sink.

Tip: Pick a dye that works with the material of the piece as well as the colors in your wardrobe. That pink tank with the wine stain could look even better in burgundy, hiding not only the spill but possibly the story behind it.


4. Layer Tights

Everyone rips their tights but it doesn’t mean they need to be thrown away. Try layering another pair of tights (preferably one that has a design or pattern) over the ripped tights. This adds a little dimension and saves you from having to purchase another pair that will most likely suffer the same fate.

Tip: Doubling up with your tights allows you to experiment with colors and patterns. Take that pair of ripped tights and layer them with a pair of flower fishnets. It enhances your outfits without having to spend the extra money. Plus, no one else will have the same tights as you.

4818916695. Change the buttons

Buttons are super cheap but can go a long way on anything from a blouse to a peacoat. A unique shape or color adds a custom touch and can be applied with only a needle and thread.

Tip: Make sure you choose a size that fits the holes for an accurate closure. When choosing buttons for a thicker overcoat, try getting a few small buttons to sew on the inside for double the support.