World renowned DJ Amon Tobin, under the alias Two Fingers, will be playing at Beta this Saturday, November 22, with Denver’s own Fantastic Hosts. Two Fantastic DJs, Milk and Mental, will be tag teaming an explosive opening set, spinning actual vinyl records for your dancing pleasure. The party will be kicking off around 9pm and going strong until 2am, with Tobin’s signature video projection mapping and impressive stage design complimenting his “alter ego” set. Tobin has described his “Two Fingers” set as his “love letter to hiphop.”

Vice Magazine’s Creators Project has praised Tobin’s recent live shows as “revolutionizing the live music experience.” The concept of his stage design and visual effects initially came about to coincide with his latest album ISAM (2011)Tobin told Wired Magazine, in regard to his live performances, that “The idea was to integrate myself, quite literally, into an audio and visual presentation of the album.”

Tickets are $25 for advanced purchase or $30 at the door. For more info on the event and to sign up on the Fantastic Host’s guest list for discounted tickets, check out the event’s Facebook invite. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to engage in a sensory overload of entertainment. The combination of Tobin’s revolutionary electronic music combined with Beta’s big bad speakers and the Fantastic Host’s local flair for ambience will make for an extraordinary evening of dancing your ass off in good company.