Brow Balance

Eyebrows can be the easiest things to cut out of your beauty routine, especially when crunched for time. Spending time on your brows will pay off. Eyebrows balance your face by helping to create symmetry and by drawing natural attention up and to the eyes. Well-groomed brows can also serve as a simple face-lift for every face shape.

No matter what the shape of your face, there are a few golden rules that every beauty diva should follow when it comes to brows:

1. Avoid the dreaded rainbow arch. All arches should be placed 2/3 out from the start of the brow. Centering the arch in the middle of your eye creates an oblong shape and can cause a drooping illusion.

2. The inner head of the brow should start at the bridge of the nose. This line is easy to find by holding a pencil vertically along the side of your nose.

3. Don’t cut it too close. All brows should extend to the end of your eye. Follow an imaginary line from the outside corner of your eye up and out at an angle.  This will show you the natural length of your brow.

4. Go natural. Yes, growing out your brows can be a not so flattering process. Luckily glasses are a chic accessory to camouflage those unruly days. A fuller brow is the most flattering and will give you a classic look that will stand the test of time.


Finding the perfect brow shape for your face can be difficult. Here are some helpful hints to get you tweezing in the right direction:




If you have a strong jaw line, you may want to ease up on any harsh or high arches in your brows and go for a softer curve. Favoring a medium sized brow arch, softly rounded, will slim down the corners of your face.





Stay away from a high arch. Balance for long faces is found in straight brows. This shape will help to shorten the appearance of your face and balance your features.





If you have rounder features, a high arch is your goal. Straight brows and soft arches can make your face appear wider. A high arch and a strong point on the end of your brow can help elongate your face.





You are one lucky duck. Most heart shape faces can pull off a variance of brow shapes, as long as they are arched. Steer clear of straight brow looks and your brows will do all the work.

Looking for some help?

There are makeup artists and brow designers right here in Denver that can help you discover your best brow shape for your face and help maintain those perfectly created brow shapes.



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