Always in search of dynamic art and artists brings me to this weeks profile of Larisa Aukon and her upcoming exhibit, titled “color of LIFE” at Mirada Fine Art Gallery located in Indian Hills, Colorado, only minutes from downtown Denver. “I was told I see the world differently. My inspiration is the world around me and the way I see it,” explains Aukon. “When you see Larisa’s paintings, and the incredible colors in each of her pieces, the name of the exhibition becomes pretty obvious. Her colors explode off her paintings,” adds Steve Sonnen, Owner of Mirada Fine Art.

color of LIFE - Larisa Aukon

color of LIFE – Larisa Aukon

Larisa Aukon - Artist

Larisa Aukon – Artist


Aukon was born in Latvia and attended the prestigious Janis Rosenthal Art School in Riga, Latvia and continued on in her artistic education by attending the Latvian Academy of Fine Arts where she received her Master’s degree. “It was a kindergarten teacher that noticed my drawings stood out from the rest of the group and told my parents that they should pay close attention to my talent,” smiles Aukon.


“Its important for anyone heading into the art industry to start with the basics, to learn all you can about how to paint, to draw, to learn the skills of the trade. Also, see as much art as you can. The stronger your foundation is, the more free you can be in your creativity. And, if you want to make a living doing this, a degree in business is a big bonus,” grins Aukon.


“I first saw Larisa’s work in a publication about four years ago, and for the next few years I tried to woo her to our gallery. I really wanted to see her unparalleled work hanging on our gallery walls. Last year, she finally broke down and agreed,” smiles Sonnen, “I was absolutely thrilled.”

Castle - Oil - Larisa Aukon

Castle – Oil – Larisa Aukon



Fifteen years ago Aukon left her native Baltic region of subdued landscape and colors only to arrive in Arizona, where the “American Southwest seemed to Larisa as an explosion of color. Awestruck, the warm, rich hues and endless panoramas of her adopted home eventually led to the distinctive, light-infused work she now creates.”


With any artist there are challenges, rewards and the way that an artist approaches their talent that may that may make them different or unique from others. “One of the most difficult challenges is to balance painting, the creative process and the rest of the world,” states Aukon.

“Painting is only part of the art career and if can be difficult to sit in front of a computer and do the business part of it, especially when I want to paint or just go out and relax,” adds Aukon and continues with a smile “Often I hear comments “how lucky you are to be able to paint all day long, it must be so relaxing”, to live my dream I have to work 14 hours a day including weekends and I find that only other artists can relate to such a schedule.”


“Larisa’s remarkable work has not gone unnoticed by the national art press,” states Sonnen, “In the last five years, she has been a featured artist numerous times in Southwest Art magazine, American Art Collector magazine, Cowboys and Indians magazine and many other publications. A comprehensive art book called “Contemporary Art of the Southwest” was released in 2014, and the first artist featured in the book is Larisa,” smiles Sonnen. “In the last decade, Larisa has also garnished numerous juried awards across the Southwest.”

The Winter Light - Oil - Larisa Aukon

The Winter Light – Oil – Larisa Aukon


Mark your calendar now and don’t miss this upcoming opportunity to meet the artist in two ways. First, Opening/Artist Reception Friday, August 15th, 6p.m. – 9p.m. and second, a Live Painting Demonstration Saturday, August 16th, 11a.m. – 2p.m. at Mirada Fine Art Gallery, located at 5490 Parmalee Gulch Road, Indian Hills, CO 80454. Visit or call 303.697.9006 for more information. This exhibit runs August 15th – September 7th, 2014.


Larisa Aukon’s artwork takes her audience on a wondrous journey of beauty and intrigue of the American Southwest.


Any way you drive, you are only minutes away from a colorful display of artistic expression of the “color of LIFE”. Be a tourist in your own state. The right time to be a collector and supporter of the arts is now. See you in Indian Hills next weekend.