Here in Denver restaurants come and go quickly. The trick few restaurant owners have mastered is how to stay relevant in an ever changing market. There is always something old and something new to tempt your taste buds when you’re looking for a delicious treat. Bang! and The Noshery are two favorites that offer the perfect blend of hometown charm and delicious food making them true restaurant stand outs.


Outdoor seating at Bang! Photo courtesy of Bang!'s Facebook.

Outdoor seating at Bang! Photo courtesy of Bang!’s Facebook.

Where: Bang! 3472 W 32nd Ave. in the Highlands 
Pros: Good comfort food is hard to come by, but Bang! dishes up soul warming food in an environment that feels more like eating at your mom’s than a restaurant. Bang! has a few stand out dishes in my opinion, like their fried chicken and mashed potatoes plate or their gumbo and jalapeño corn bread. Their menu has something for every kind of eater and that’s a good thing. 
 Cons: Bang! is only open Tuesday through Saturday from 5:00-9:00 and they don’t take reservations. While the wait is never long, the four hour window makes eating there difficult. 


What I love most about Bang! besides the food, is the environment and the staff. When you happen upon this Highlands treasure you first get a glimpse of the kitchen with a large view window that lets you see exactly what the kitchen is whipping up (deliciously fresh food that is). The entrance to Bang! is off beat, having the customer enter through a short alley way that leads to the most adorable outdoor patio. What makes Bang! such a find is that it offers a dining experience that feels like a family backyard barbecue. The outdoor seating area has a wooden fence enclosing it and small tables scattered around and always showcases a local artists’ work. The staff at Bang! clearly all have a passion for food and love to offer suggestions. Don’t be shy to ask them their favorite menu item and have them steer you in a direction you may not have thought you. Bang! delivers American style cuisine with their own spin on it.


If you’re in the mood for a sandwich my suggestion is for the blt, but skip the salad and go for their fries and sweet Bang! sauce. Their house made Bang! sauce tastes like a sweeter barbecue sauce and paired with their fries delivers a salty sweet combo that is to die for. However, if a sandwich won’t cut it for dinner, and for me it never really does, I suggest the crispy fried chicken breast or the gumbo. To me, these are the dishes that give you that classic American taste with a twist. The fried chicken breast is moist not dry or bland and is paired with mashed potatoes, bacon gravy, and sugar snap peas. It’s that down south kind of comfort that warms you up and leaves your stomach smiling. The flavors in this dish compliment each other and the gravy isn’t heavy or overpowering. Instead, each aspect of the dish is equally important. That being said, the best item of the menu has got to be the gumbo and jalapeño corn bread. When in search of comfort food, nothing beats this New Orleans classic. Chef Oakley’s time in New Orleans is clear when you take a mouthful of his gumbo. Don’t be shy to pick up your corn bread and dunk it in, this is a dish best enjoyed all together.


The Noshery

Courtesy of the Noshery's Facebook.

Courtesy of the Noshery’s Facebook.

Where: The Noshery, 4994 Lowell Blvd. 
 Pros: A boutique bakery experience with fresh food and incredible service. 
 Cons: In my opinion, there are no cons for this new bakery, it’s a must for any foodie. 

The Noshery, which took over the long time Regis staple Hamlin’s, is a welcome change for the neighborhood. Unlike its predecessor, The Noshery’s dining room is a bright open space perfect for a coffee and pastry or one of their fresh and delicious sandwiches. Whether you come for breakfast or lunch The Noshery has something for you. What makes this spot such a standout is that EVERYTHING is made from scratch. Whether it’s the pastries or the bread for the sandwiches, nothing is purchased from a secondary source and re-used. It’s hard to find good quality sandwiches when the emphasis is on quick and fast food. When you sit down to eat at The Noshery however, everything from the bread to the meat and produce tastes fresh and won’t leave you feeling heavy like fast food sandwiches do.


The atmosphere is bright and inviting, the indoor seating area is decorated with mismatched doors hung up on the wall giving the dining room an eclectic feel. If you happen upon The Noshery for breakfast be sure to get the Homestyle Waffles, note that the fruit compote is seasonal which proves their dedication to fresh ingredients. If you want something a little more savory, try out the prosciutto or flank steak sandwiches. The meat is thinly sliced and tender, neither taste over cooked. Everything on the menu at The Noshery is fresh and delicious, the chef focuses on the quality of the dish so that the paying customer is always left satisfied.

The Noshery receives high marks across the board with incredible food, service, and atmosphere. By offering fresh food The Noshery proves it has what it takes to withstand the ever changing restaurant scene. I sincerely hope this little bakery will be around for a long time, and with what they’re dishing up, it would be hard to believe otherwise!