Sometimes the best way to unwind after a long day is to grab some friends and share some food and gossip. Tapas or the americanized version of Small Plates, encourage sharing and conversation as you are not hypnotized by an oversized plate of food. Instead you get the chance to try a variety of plates without overwhelming your stomach. The best part is you get to share in the foodie fun with your friends. If you’re having a bad day at work or just looking for an excuse to sample a bunch of different foods with your friends, grab a group and check out these spots for Small Plates in Denver.

 Corridor 44

Corridor 44 review, tapas denver

Courtesy of Corridor 44’s Facebook

Where: Corridor 44, 1433 Larimer St

 Pros: Corridor 44 blends American and French cuisine perfectly.

 Cons: The atmosphere is dark and cozy; it isn’t the best place to bring a large group. 

Corridor 44 has a small romantic dining room with chandeliers casting a warm glow on diners. While they will accommodate large parties, it isn’t the place for you and all your friends to get together for some much needed post work gossip. On the other hand, Corridor 44 is perfect for smaller groups to share some delicious french food. The savory bites listed on their menu are their small plates to split among friends. Typically the french end their meals with cheese and begin their meals with a charcuterie plate but both are offered as small plates, and both are delicious. I suggest ordering both the cheese and charcuterie plates and paring the two together. The baked brie potato skins with pancetta and the oysters on the half shell offer a decadent feel to your meal. Ladies, do take advantage of their ladies night on Wednesday for $5 champagne cocktails. Nothing says french more than champagne and oysters. The food at Corridor 44 is delicious and savory leaving you feeling fancier and more cultured then when you walked in. It may just be the allusion of all things french, but Corridor 44 is definitely a place worth stopping by for drinks and small plates. Located just under the Larimer Square lights, Corridor is both decadent and romantic.


 Truffle Table

Truffle Table Denver, tapas Denver, small plates denver

Courtesy of Truffle Table’s Facebook

Where: The Truffle Table, 2556 15th St
 Pros: The Truffle Table is a gem in the Highlands for gourmet meat and cheeses. The staff are extremely knowledgeable as well, don’t hesitate to ask them a question of what wines to pair with your small plates. 
 Cons: It is easy to get carried away with the wine and forget how much you’re spending, the prices here can be more expensive for an every day kind of meal. Plan on splurging here and enjoying everything The Truffle Table has to offer. 

 The Truffle Table is a quaint wine bar situated on a scenic corner in Lohi. While the inside is welcoming, it’s the outside seating that is truly worth going for. Half the experience of this little wine bar is sitting outside and watching the people walk by. The cheese board at The Truffle Table changes daily and is updated on a chalk board in the main dining room. Each and every time your cheese experience will be different, so if you’re a cheese lover, The Truffle Table is your haven. I suggest going with a small group and splitting the fondue, it’s a fun way to relax with your friends and enjoy something out of the ordinary. Pair the fondue with a couple of their salads for a more sharable meal, and don’t forget the wine parings! The Truffle Table is one of the best places to relax and indulge in the Highlands.

 La Biblioteca

tapas Denver

Photo courtesy of La Biblioteca

Where: La Biblioteca, 1610 Little Raven St #200
 Pros: The menu at La Biblioteca has a wide range of Latin-Asian inspired cuisine. The food is eclectic and delicious. 
 Cons: This is a popular spot, be sure to score a reservation or you’ll miss out on Chef Richard Sandoval’s creations. 

La Biblioteca is perfect for any adventurous foodie with a menu that ranges from sushi and ceviche to pork belly steam buns. The emphasis is on flavor and every small plate will offer a fresh experience. The menu has six different categories so if you can, order one from each section and pass them around. Stray away from the typical menu items and try something new. Try La Biblioteca’s interesting take on guacamole with smoked salmon or the lomo saltado. Both dishes are slightly more eclectic then what you are used to but are worth every bite. While you are there, take advantage of the library of tequila options and pair your small plates with one of the bartenders infused margaritas. La Biblioteca has any kind of tequila you could ever want and the staff is always ready to offer suggestions. If you are looking for a true foodie experience be sure to make your reservation soon!

Don’t forget to indulge, the plates might be small but you’re in good company.