Zion-I, one of the premier Hip-Hop groups in the industry, has just released their new Libations EP yesterday on April 20th. This new album is the second installment of a three part series the group has planned to produce. The Libations EP is a six-track collaboration of new Hip-Hop ballads featuring a big lineup of artists.

Headnodic and Featherload assisted Zion-I in the production of this EP, and veteran MC’s Mr. Lif, Sadat X and Opio in the vocal rhyme department. Zumbi, one of the members of Zion-I, came forward to speak about the new EP.

“This project was heavily influenced by one of my best friends passing away suddenly. His death put me in a mood to really analyze my life and how short this existence really can be. It opened my eyes and heart to both the ugliness and beauty of what we experience while alive. To me, libation is when you honor someone by pouring out your brew before you sip, it’s a sort of prayer. On this EP, I poured out some liquor for my homie, as well as my family, and myself.”

Clearly this album has a much deeper meaning embedded within its heart and soul. The messages of love, happiness and living life to the fullest are intense and powerful motifs that are also important for every person to hear and experience. The theme of honoring your friends, family and especially the deceased are similarly important for expression by the artists and internalization by the audience.

The new Libations EP is available for download on SoundCloud for free or for sale everywhere else on April 22nd.