Scott Hansen is the main brain behind the stylish electro trio Tycho, accompanied by Zac Brown and Rory O’Conner. They’ve toured for weeks now on the release of a brand new album, Awake, their second full-length off of Ghostly International. The tour now takes them to Denver on Friday, where they’ll perform at Summit Music Hall.

It might be easy to dismiss Tycho as just another afterthought of the chillwave movement, but the warmth of the trio’s new record is hard to resist, especially with tracks like “Montana,” a lush lovely arrangement of keys and guitar infused with delightful smatterings of synth and pedal effects. Uplifting and elegant, it might be the album’s highlight. Take a listen for yourself:

Easy vibes are certainly to be expected from Friday’s set, but one wonders exactly what kind of concert will ensue, as is often the case with electronic artists. The album tracks blend seamlessly into one another, almost ensuring a tight set. But Tycho’s sound isn’t necessarily easy to dance to, at least for those not under the influence of various substances. The morning calm defining Awake seems more suitable for nodding along. Then again, perhaps this critic’s conservative attitude will doom the experience from the get-go.

Tycho is set to perform at Summit Music Hall on Friday night, with doors opening at 8pm. Christopher Willits and RUMTUM will open.