The Knife are something of a pop enigma, a group with a single that everybody seems to love (2004’s “Heartbeats”) and yet their present form is far removed from such simplicity. The Swedish duo, consisting of Karin Andersson and Olof Dreijer, shook up their following last year with the release of Shaking the Habitual, an album teeming with dark and demented music with sophisticated social messages at it’s chewy center. They’re playing a sold out show at the Fillmore Auditorium tonight.

“Sometimes I get problems that are hard to solve,” Andersson repeats manically over a blistering production in the amazing lead single off the record, “Full of Fire.” “Questions and the answers can take very long. Here’s the story, what’s your opinion?” Take a listen to the song and determine for yourself:

One can only speculate what their show will be like, but expections are clearly high as the duo sold out tickets weeks ahead of their Denver performance, a rare treat for fans who have been following Andersson and Dreijer wherever they might go with their projects. Many are still waiting for a follow-up from Andersson’s self-titled debut as Fever Ray in 2009.

Others are eager to know if they have any collaborations planned, as they did with Planningtorock and Mt. Sims in 2010. Yet no announcements of any sort have been made, so seeing them live will have to do for now.
The Knife play at Fillmore Auditorium on Monday, April 21.

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