Com Truise played Thursday night at Larimer Lounge, days after dropping a new EP. (Photo credit: Camille Breslin)

Com Truise played Thursday night at Larimer Lounge. (Photo credit: Camille Breslin)

One of those so-called polar vortexes descended upon Denver Thursday afternoon and seemed to continue into the evening. Com Truise’s amazing set at Larimer Lounge last night provided some comfort, a sense that maybe it wasn’t so cold after all.

No one tone defines the body of Com Truise’s work, but he certainly showed his darker side in Galactic Melt, the 2011 full-length with the tracks that happen to be everybody’s favorite, this critic included. He spun what seemed like all of them, though I might be remembering it wrong. He took a moment late in the set to break from the intense focus required for the smorgasbord of keys and boards he had set up next to the giant glowing pentagram that left the room with a soft warm glow.

Opening for Com Truise was the surprising Phantoms, an intense electronic act that veered towards the volume of dubstep but with much better melodies.