Electronic Tuesdays at 1up Featuring Coki

Coki1Every Tuesday, Denver’s own dubstep crew, Sub.mission, puts on an awesome event called Electronic Tuesdays at 1up on Colfax. This night is all about getting away from the high prices and hustle of the LODO clubs. Entry for those who are over 21 is only $10 before 10:00 pm, and $12 after. (You can still get in for $15 all night if you are under age.) Each of these nights features one bigger name act, usually somebody who tends to play stuff on the deeper, headier end of the spectrum, as well as some local openers who participate in a DJ contest to win a bigger slot. This week, the stage will be graced by none other than Coki, who makes up one half of the well-known DJ duo Digital Mystikz (DMZ). Coki and Mala, the other half of DMZ, hail from London, and are notorious for making big tunes both together and separately, and selling out clubs when they play as a unit. Although his line of work pretty much demands life in the spotlight, Coki is apparently reserved by nature and preferred to keep his 9-5 job and spend most of his time at home producing in the past. Recently, due to the undeniable amount of success he has been receiving, Coki finally quit his job and started touring and making music full time. Coki3Coki will also be joined by local drum n’ bass DJ Subliminal, and the local DJs participating in the contest. Participants  are judged based on the 30-minute set they play, and the winner gets to move on to a special Winner’s Round on the first Tuesday of each month. Whoever wins that battle is awarded an opening slot at a headliner event. This Tuesday’s event will also feature a live black light airbrush performance, and since it is at 1up, there will be plenty of arcade games to play. For more info on the event and to get tickets or sign up for the contest, go here: http://subdotmission.com/events/electronic-tuesdays-coki?_=1393260031529.   Coki2

Written by Addison Herron-Wheeler of 303 Magazine.
Photos courtesy of Sub.mission and Coki.

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