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A 30th birthday is a milestone for a number of reasons. You’ve made it through your reckless 20s seemingly unscathed. You’ve developed a better understanding of yourself, your likes and dislikes and, most importantly, you’ve (hopefully) laid the groundwork for the rest of your journey through life. Some of us might see the big 3-0 approaching with a bit of bittersweet reminiscence. You see those young kids with their SnapChat and their carefree college mindset and think, “that used to be me.”

But friend and local Philanthropist, Alan Frosh, is neither living in the past nor dreading the uncertain future. Rather, he has made his upcoming 30th birthday all about making the present count. Alan will celebrate his 30th birthday on February 1st and in celebration created Charity Thirty—a campaign to raise $30,000 in 30 days.

“I’m not usually one to get sentimental about milestones, but 30 seems like my first truly ‘adult’ birthday. I’m taking it seriously, as a time to recommit myself to my community – I’ve always been philanthropic, but I think it’s time now to get more involved and make a bigger difference,” Frosh said.

Photo by Rhonda DePalma

Photo by Rhonda DePalma

Frosh partnered with Rose Community Foundation, allowing all of the tax-deductible donations made to Charity Thirty to be split evenly among all six charities—meaning all will benefit equally. Frosh began this endeavor January 1st and has already raised over $10,000 for these six charities throughout the area including:

• The Colorado Meth Project
• Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America
• Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation
• Denver Urban Scholars
• Mile High Montessori Early Learning Centers
• The Nathan Yip Foundation

This list of philanthropies is as diverse as it is comprehensive and Frosh has left no stone unturned in his quest to better his beloved community. The Colorado Meth Project aims to reduce methamphetamine use throughout Colorado’s communities. Denver Active 20-30 raises money for underprivileged kids through grant making and charitable events at the hands of Denver’s young professionals.

Frosh is a mentor for Denver Urban Scholars, which also gives disadvantaged children the opportunity to succeed. Mile High Montessori is Denver’s oldest early childhood education center for low-income families and offers a successful path for these children by preparing them for school. The Nathan Yip Foundation was created in honor of a high school classmate of Frosh’s who was killed in a drunk-driving accident. The foundation builds schools across the world in economically deprived areas. And the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America is another cause very personal to Frosh, who was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when he was 7 years old.

“The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation provided excellent support to my family and I during treatment, so I got involved as soon as I could to serve other children and families afflicted with these diseases,” Frosh said.

And, in honor of his beloved Broncos, Denver-native Frosh decided to add a “Super Bowl Pledge Challenge” to Charity Thirty. Watch the Broncos dominate Super Bowl XLVII while simultaneously giving back to the community that nurtures and adores this amazing team.

I created the Super Bowl Pledge Challenge as a fun way to connect the game and the campaign, by offering donors five separate options to give.

Alan H. Frosh

Alan H. Frosh

Donors can give $1 for every point the Broncos score, $2 for every point by which the Broncos win, $5 for every point over 30 the Broncos score, $10 for every TD Peyton Manning throws, $20 for every TD the player of your choice scores, or any combination therein. You can even choose to up the dollar amounts to accompany every Fireball shot you take.

Any donations small or large you can make to Charity Thirty are welcomed and appreciated. Denver is lucky to have folks like Alan Frosh willing to give up the frills and celebrations of a milestone birthday in favor of bettering the community. To donate, please visit http://www.charitythirty.com/and give whatever you can!

Side note: I would like to request a personal donation to Mr. Frosh: one gluten-free extra chocolate cake to help the man celebrate his birthday properly. If you’re a baking whiz and would like to help me out, email [email protected]