Hey PB&J, Denver Fashion Week, Denver Food Trucks, Denver Food Truck ReviewIn keeping with the “street” theme of this year’s Denver Fashion Weekend (DFW), 303 will host two food trucks at this year’s event. Food trucks have become a major part of our street culture and this year we’ve decided to highlight two of the very best our city has to offer. PinkTank and Hey PB&J will be outside and INSIDE for both events. They will provide full service on the street with their trucks as well as supplying ‘bites’ in the venue. Both trucks will leave you wanting more with their creative menus. PinkTank serves up off the wall breakfast dishes like the Benz, a hybrid of a burger and Eggs Benedict, and Hey PB&J reinvents the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich with ingredients like bacon and bananas. Make sure to check them out!

Denver Fashion Week will be taking place November 9-10 so don’t miss out.

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Photograph by Jackie Collins