Calling a girl after a first date has become akin to seeing Big Foot holding a dinner party with the Loch Ness Monster on an island full of mermaids…it’s practically unheard of. Dating is primarily comprised of texting, light Facebook-ing and the crucial in-person meetings.179319635

Men and women are relying far too much on texting over “real” communication. For the lothario or “player” texting is the best thing to happen in history. The bad boy can keep a girl on a hook by fading in and out with the occasional text message while never actually becoming involved emotionally. Texting is another method of keeping interpersonal contact, and actual connection, to a minimum. While text etiquette is highly debatable, there are some golden rules to keep in mind while dating and texting.

#1.) Text to Make Plans Not to Connect

Texting should be used to create plans or check-in and occasionally for other observations (“I just saw an old lady in Daisy Dukes at King Soopers!”)

#2.) Don’t Under Text and Don’t Over Text179289034

There’s a fine line between sending your paramour 50 texts a day and texting once a week. Find a balance somewhere in the middle.

#3.) Use Emoticons Sparingly

Although it’s tempting to end every sentence with a smiley face, emoticons should be thought of as “less is more.”

#4.) Text Relevant Info or Not at All

“Hiiii” or “WassUp?” are not worth the type time.

#5.) Keep Things Fun and Light

Texting should not be daunting or grueling. Sending sweet and short texts is best. Never ever break-up via text or have intense relationship discussions with your fingers and your phone.

#6.) Call Avoidance

If you only text, you’ll never condition the other person to have to call and it becomes a slippery slope of half-hearted communication.

#7.) iLove

The sequel to the Catfish saga is not to fall in love via email but to get attached to someone via texting. Texting is actually a cold and detached method of communication, it’s best not to develop feelings via a few electronic letters and smiley faces.

#8.) Under the Influence

As obvious as it is, never text while drunk, buzzed or hung-over; texting under the influence of alcohol is  bound to end badly.