fallhairfeaturedimageTransitioning from summer to fall is a favorite for the fashionable. From headbands to hats, sundresses to sweaters and sandals to snowshoes, our love for layering stands at a close second to the truly tempting transition—changing your hair color

Regardless of your current hair color, there are complementary coloring techniques to start your seasonal shift. Drop the drug store dye and schedule a consultation for color. First, take note of the suggestions that follow to master your makeover

Whether your hair is practically platinum, chocolate brown or borderline black there’s plenty of room to play with pigments. Consider all color options before majorly changing your mane.


Achieving a healthy, light blond can be challenging. Those starting with darker hair often make multiple visits to the salon to reach the bright blond they desire. Don’t dump dark color on your hair’s summer success without understanding some possible problems when changing from blond to brunette.

Photo Courtesy of graziadaily.com

Photo Courtesy of graziadaily.com

If a major change is a must, make it happen. However, lots of people think I can put any color on my hair and it will turn out right since my hair is so light—wrong! Drastically lightened hair doesn’t always hold color that has been deposited and can leave your ends looking murky or muddy. So when your stylist says going dark is a double process and the service price hits a new peak, stay seated for ravishing results.

  • Lightened hair doesn’t always appear damaged but can be over processed causing porous hair.
  • Porous hair is similar to a sponge. It abundantly absorbs color, but also drastically discharges any depth deposited.
  • The first process is to re-pigment (fill) the hair. This will ensure the second application’s staying power.
  • Allowing a double process will help prevent fading on the porous parts of your hair the first application filled. The second application will create even color from roots to ends.


Photo Courtesy of who2.com

Photo Courtesy of who2.com

Aren’t ready to retire your sun kissed streaks? Whether your hair is red, brown or blonde there are simple transition techniques available that will allow you to return to your summer style without sweating this season’s change.

  • Blonds should add ribbons of warm lowlights to routine highlights for an easy and effective adjustment.
  • On dark hair, order the opposite. Add ribbons of caramel highlights to routine lowlights while tweaking the tones in your lowlights. Changing to warmer chestnut and amber tones is fitting for fall.
  • On red hair, create depth with chocolate lowlights paired with basic highlights. Highlighting is important for reds, as their ends should always be close to a shade lighter.

For a more natural looking modification, request the balayage technique instead of ordinary foils. Balayage is essentially applying color free hand.

  • Bayalage doesn’t directly reach your root encouraging a more natural and lived in hair color.
  • Reds are the best candidates for this technique to maintain depth at the roots and crown.
  • Already ombred hair is also very responsive to balayage. It diminishes any possible line of demarcation that could be overlooked during a foil.


Photo Courtesy of juststopscreaming.com

Photo Courtesy of juststopscreaming.com

Removing color that’s essentially black can be harsh and damaging to the hair. However, there’s still a way to sway with the seasons no matter how dark your hair.

  • Demi-permanent hair color is a subtly intense way to transform your tresses and add unbelievable shine.
  • This deposit-only color coats the hair to evenly change the overall tone without affecting its level of dark or lightness.  For example, your hair could appear chocolate brown but when you step into light it will vibrantly shine the tone you desire…red, blue, violet—you name it.
  • Lighter hair colors should stick to clear glosses when using demi-permanent color to avoid unwanted tones on porous hair.

seasonal makeover should be just that—a seasonal makeover. Don’t be drastic or diving back into a summer glow might turn into a season-long situation.