Downtown Denver is a hip scene offering an array of diverse, modern, trendy shops to browse through but near the heart of town is a block filled with distinctive, individual boutiques.

On Larimer Square, amongst the fine dining and café establishments, you’re sure to find a variety of boutiques, and 303’s got the lowdown on the top five stand out shops to check out.


Cry Baby Ranch

1421 Larimer Street

Cry Baby Ranch offers a wide selection of boots for men, women and children.

Cry Baby Ranch offers a wide selection of boots for men, women and children.

During your shopping trip, stop on by Cry Baby Ranch, where the West comes to you.

“I try to have things to accommodate everyone,” said Roxanne Thurman, owner of Cry Baby Ranch. “We want to help them find something to fit into their lifestyle.”

Inside the teal and red-orange colored walls, every detail was thought out to emphasize the Western theme of this Boutique. With a distinctive array of women’s, men’s and children’s fashion; home decor and jewelry, Cry Baby Ranch has something everyone can love.

Started as a seasonal, vintage boutique in the late 80s, Cry Baby Ranch soon morphed into a long-standing fully Western boutique with antiques, clothing, toys, jewelry and of course, a wall of cowboy boots.

From the large, colorful stained glass picture in the ceiling to the local native american artist the jewelry is made from, this boutique is a stand-out above the rest, and the go-to shop for local and eclectic Western wear and decor.


Victoriana Antique and Fine Jewelry

 1417 Larimer Street

Victoriana's Antique and Fine Jewelry has a distinctly vintage flair.

Victoriana’s Antique and Fine Jewelry has a distinctly vintage flair.

Next door to the Cry Baby Ranch’s Western haven is a jewelry store that serves as a doorway to the past. Victoriana Antique and Fine Jewelry offers a wide selection of antique jewelry, figurines and art from several eras specializing in early 1850s through the late 1950s eras. From Victorian baby bracelets, monocles and pocket watches, each item in Victoriana is distinctive and unique; a truly a rare find which will complement an outfit or add style to any room.

The staff at Victoriana are friendly and knowledgeable and will gladly show you any piece while detailing the history behind the stone, style, or purpose of each item.

“We preserve the history of the jewelry and the cultural history behind each piece,” said manager Zach Burk.

This distinctive niche is a great place to find a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or a rare brooch or pocket watch to add poise and grace to your style.


Moda Man

1459 Larimer Street

Moda Man has high-quality labels and styles to add flair to any wardrobe.

Moda Man has high-quality labels and styles to add flair to any wardrobe.

Looking for a sleek, sharp new look? Then stop by and talk to the guys at Moda Man. Opened around two years ago, this menswear boutique has swiftly become a staple for mens fashion in the Denver area. Moda Man offers a distinct array of designs which are on trend, contemporary and is something you won’t find in a department store.

With a high-quality selection of vendors specializing in woven knits and shirts, sport coats, vests, dress shirts and slacks, Moda Man has what you need to be stylish and still look sharp.

To ensure their customers look their finest, the gentlemen at Moda Man work with each customer to find a style catered to their lifestyle.

“Our guys can come here and they won’t find the labels they see at Nordstrom, Neiman’s  and Saks,” said Moda Man’s Managing Partner, Jon Johnson, “ Instead, they’ll find something that’s fashionable, a little trendy and contemporary.”

Some of the latest fall trends hitting Moda Man’s shelves include the return of the three-piece suit, vests, double-breasted coats, and scarves. Hot fall colors will be brighter blues, burgundy and shades of green.


Goorin Bros. has a vast collection of contemporary and vintage style hat wear.

Goorin Bros. has a vast collection of contemporary and vintage style hat wear.


Goorin Bros. 

1410 Larimer Street 

As fall approaches, it swiftly becoming time to don your favorite newsboy cap or fedora and embrace the fashion of the season. Hat wear is hot for fall, trending for both men and women. For the perfect fall or anytime hat, stop by this neighborhood boutique, Goorin Bros., and top off your outfit in style.  Founded as a company in the late 1800s, this boutique has brought a large assortment of shapes and styles to find a cap or hat for every lifestyle. Along with the original bowler hat, this shop also features ball caps, trucker hats, cadets, floppy, western, flatcaps, cloche, panama, pill-box and kids hats in five different collections.

Not sure if a hat is your style? The friendly, outgoing staff at Goorin Bros love hat wear and can help you find a hat to fit your personality and lifestyle.




 Chocolatier Blue

1423 Larimer Street

Chocolatier Blue's chocolates are smooth, rich and creamy.

Chocolatier Blue’s chocolates are smooth, rich and creamy.

Shopping around the block can stir up a small appetite, and Larimer Square is full of little eateries and fine snack shops to choose from. Nestled in the Larimer Square Walkway, Chocolatier Blue, is a tasty boutique with the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. This small boutique offers a mélange of fine chocolates, ranging from traditional favorites such as Carmel and Hazelnut to distinct seasonal flavors such as the Hemingway Daiquiri to Grapefruit Mimosa. With each bite, the chocolates at Chocolatier Blue are smooth, creamy and succulent treats that leave your palate watering for more. To complement the seasons and current trends, new chocolates made from high-quality, fresh, natural ingredients without artificial flavorings are introduced throughout the year. Indulge your sweet tooth during your next visit to Larimer Square and stop by this delectable boutique for a free sample or pick up a box of chocolates to take home.


Photos by Teresa Taylor


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