The force of Mother Nature is powerful. Artist Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann has taken this force and creatively intertwined it into her oil on canvas series “Twister”. Standing next to her paintings you begin to feel the tingle of this force and it is marvelous.


"Twister 10" - Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann

“Twister 10” – Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann


Tangled and swirling within the bold colored lines of red, orange, black and white, the Twister series also shows feminine  mysticism.  She paints with lightning speed, a whirlwind of energy, exploding her soul onto her canvas.


Painting since she was five years old, Nadaleena has entered the Denver art scene with a vibrant painted stroke. Working mostly in oil on canvas, she has also worked with charcoal on paper. “I have been painting for 40 years. Art is part of me, I breathe and live for art. I paint every chance I get, which is usually daily,” smiles Nadaleena.





“I am a very lucky woman to be able to live well off of my art sales, and have been fortunate to have landed on several magazine covers due to my artwork,” states Nadaleen.  Those magazines have included Hollywood Weekly, twice this year and an feature article in Modern Painter.


Currently working on three series simultaneously, they each are inspired by nature and storms. “Everywhere, everyday… living is an inspiring. I am so thankful to be here,” states Nadaleena. While William de Kooneing was one of her greatest influences, it is Picasso that struck that “awe” chord with her. “Picasso and I have a similar way of living and working,” she smiles and winks.

"Twister 4" - Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann

“Twister 4” – Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann


Nadaleena recently hosted an Invite-Only Reception to her new art gallery located at the Museum Residences Penthouse where it was a sold out show even before the guests arrived. Her gallery not only showcased her own work, but other local Denver artists as well; Bill Gian, Mark Castator, Brian Comber, Mark Giovanni along with two emerging artists: Luci Geller and Ruth Orantes.


“I wanted to offer my buyers, many of whom are in the city, a more convenient way to visit with me and see the work,” states Nadaleena. “One of the rewards of being an artist is to see your art in the collection of the finest clients,” smiles Nadaleena. “And one of the most difficult challenges is transporting art I am showing across country, as I paint on such large canvas.”




Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann

Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann – Photo taken by Peter Baratti



Nadaleena is an international artist, whose most recent work “Disconnect” sold for $1M and again has sold another work of art for $1M.


What have been the keys to her success? “Reach for the stars. Keep on reaching and when you get there, don’t forget how you got there.” And her advice for others that want to head into this industry. “Never give up on your dream… keep painting.”






Nadaleena is fiercely taking the artistic bull by the horns and is reshaping the cultural art scene in Denver, and we should all shake our cape to this and say “Ole”.


Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann is currently showing in Denver at the Museum Gallery, an upcoming show in Hollywood at the Sunset Gower Studios, 1438, North Gower Street, California, at the Suzanne Schultz Gallery, 433 Harrison Avenue, Loft 306, Boston, Massachusetts, 02118, and the Alternative Art Space, Opening Reception December 6th, 2013, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m., 450 Harrison Avenue, Loft 309 C, Boston, Massachusetts.


"Twister 1" - Nadaleena Mirat Brettman

“Twister 1” – Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann


The Museum Residence Gallery is a high-profile setting that is for the serious art collector and is open by invitation only.  Located at 55 West 12th Avenue, Penthouse 606, Denver, CO 80203, 303-506-5521.


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