Remember when you were a kid and you loved those games where an adult took control and all you had to do was hang on sg-196and laugh a lot, like when someone gave us a piggy-back, or took our hands and swirled us around them. Fantastic stuff. Important stuff: Release. Trust. Fun. Play. Control. Sharing. Exploring… all sorts of good human development work was happening. Little humans learning how to be humans, opening and triggering and developing certain human qualities and strengths and skills that will be useful, indeed, needed, throughout our lifetime. Like lion cubs, our “play” was an important part of our development.

If we were lucky enough to get some of that sort of playing as a kid. Many people didn’t and their kids sure won’t be shown what the parents don’t know! That is a great loss of culture and further diminution of our humanity.

So I invite you to join my Human Being, Being Human movement of reclaiming our own Nature back from the b.s. we have been drowning in!

Here are some keys to making sure you are well fertilizing your humanity…

First, laugh a lot. Especially laugh at your own dramas and struggles. Get just how Easy it is to make it Hard! So how about making it Easy to be Easy and end the struggles

Second, cry a lot. OK this is tough for many men who believe that it is a sign of weakness and pussiness for a man to cry… that “REAL” men do not cry: that is for the ladies to do. Well here is a wake-up call Tough Guy – your tough guy mask is obama-tears-far11only some of who you really are – you are far more interesting than that role you have played, and the more interesting man you can be already knows that it is HUMAN for a man to cry when he hurts… because pain is best expressed and healed though crying it out. He already know that it is wise and healthy for a man to cry when he loses something or someone of great value to him. He would be  a heartless bastard if he did not weep at the loss of a child, or partner, or parent, so of course crying is right and appropriate.

Crying, the sounds and the tears, are the “voice” of pains of all sorts, and of sadness, despair and other deep feelings. It is – full circle – also the way we most fully express joy, and bliss, and release, and other high feelings, and this sort of crying is soon interspersed with much laughter too.

And the more you cry, the more you can laugh, can have fun, can see the humor in your drama, and then you know that you are winning! As Kahlil Gibran wrote: “Your joy Is your sorrow unmasked.”

Do these things every day, just for a few minutes, and in no time you will be feeling more you, more of you, more with you, more in you and more aware that there is more too. There is. As much of You as you want!

– Gregory Charles

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