contrast-wallpaperSo often when I hear people talking about manifesting in their lives – and I hear this from so-called  personal growth experts  as well as from regular people who are practicing the art and magic of manifestation – they referred to manifesting as the times when you create what you wanted as if you have nothing to do with what manifests in your life that you don’t want.

I’m saying very clearly very strongly that we manifest our whole life and everything in it. Further that we do so with love and wisdom for ourselves to get value. Further that what we manifest – be it good or bad – meaning whether we like it or not – is an outpouring of the beliefs we hold about ourselves and life.

So the stuff that we manifest that we don’t like shows us the negative beliefs and limitations. It shows us things we were taught by parents and friends and society which don’t actually align with our own ideals and dreams.

If we want to manifest something differently 1st we have to cop to the fact that we are already manifesting the stuff we don’t like!

We only get to change what we create when we take full responsibility for it so if you’re creating something you don’t like hr_contrastthe starting point is to say to yourself something like: I acknowledge I’ve created this with love and wisdom for myself somehow, as a result of the beliefs I carry. I now choose to identify and change those beliefs to align myself with my ideals so I will manifest them.

One thing to notice is that you manifest the good and the bad things quite effortlessly. It’s only when you really want something, desire it, and you start to “work” at manifesting. You start to put effort into manifesting. You start to struggle with the act of manifesting.

None of which is necessary by the way.

It’s just as easy to manifest great stuff as it is to manifest awful stuff because the truth of the matter is that  creating our life  is an effortless business. It’s easy.

If you find that hard to accept just note how easy it is to have things be hard at times.

So a great contextual starting point is to acknowledge: I have held limiting beliefs about what I can have, how much I can have, and how easy it is to have it. I now choose to believe that life is totally on my side bringing me everything I need all of the time and my job is to be open and accepting of the gives and gifts some lessons that life brings me.


– Gregory Charles




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