You have seen the picture of the woman on the beach – basking in the perfect light, hair lightly blowing, sand in just the right places… She doesn’t have a shiny face or sweaty skin. She isn’t red from the heat or the sun. Why don’t your summer photos look like that? It is because she is simply a fantasy, an advertisement to lure you into buying whatever she says to buy. In Colorado, we know summer is the season of dry hair, intense heat and sweat. From a shiny face to sweat-stained clothing, summer beauty can seem like an unrealistic expectation. Get five steps closer with these beauty tips to beat the heat.

1. Fight Sweat While You Sleep: Applying antiperspirant before you go to bed is actually more effective than applying it in the morning. Aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirant work to block sweat glands and have more time to absorb before you start perspiring when you put them on at night. You can also apply another coat before you head out in the morning for double-up protection.

Dermablend Leg & Body Cover SPF 15 - 3.4 oz

2. Get Ready for Maximum Exposure: To survive the heat, you are bound to expose more of your skin in the summer. If this idea makes you want to stay indoors in the air conditioning due to your “flaws” -like that tattoo that was so amazing 15 years ago, scars, bruises, spider veins, etc. – a water and sweat resistant concealer may be the solution. Dermablend Leg & Body Cover is designed to cover large body areas, comes in a variety of skin tones, is smudge and water resistant and even contains an SPF which saves a step. Available at or at Macy’s stores in the Denver area. 

3. Prime to Avoid the Shine: Do you shine in the summer, but not in a good way? The regular pressed powder you use year round may not be enough to stand up to summer sweat and stickiness. Expert make-up artists suggest MAC Blot Powder when working with celebrities under hot lights and high pressure. Blot Powder contains mica and silica to absorb excess oils and reduce shine on the skin’s surface. $24 at MAC retail locations.

Dermadoctor - MED e TATE®

4. Avoid Embarrassing Sweat Stains: Does your sweat find its way to more embarrassing areas than your pits? Thankfully, there are now products that address sweat in other zones, including your cleavage, hands, feet and groin. DERMAdoctor MED e TATE medicated wipes are designed for controlling sweat in these areas. With a patent-pending formulation that contains the most recent antiperspirant therapy which includes a blend of agents that mimic the effects of Botox Cosmetic when applied topically, this product alleviates the need for cumbersome anti-sweating devices, such as ineffective topical prescriptions, drowsiness-inducing Rx meds, and costly and painful Botox Cosmetic injections or invasive surgery. This product contains the highest potency antiperspirant available and contains botanicals to help maximize dryness. The harmonious union of dermatologist-recommended antiperspirant therapy and innovative “needle-free” technology, replaces a perspiration-filled reality with a supremely dry state of consciousness. Available at Sephora, 30 wipes for $48.00.

5. Change Your Style: If you are sick of long hair clinging to the back of your neck, blowing into your face in the wind and just leaving you hot and agitated, perhaps it is time to change your style. A shorter cut that leaves your neck exposed can give you relief in the summer. Just be sure that the new style is either short enough to stay off your face all together or long enough to pull back and away from your face.

What is your 303 option? Denver’s new City Salon


City Salon just opened at the end of April and caters to this chic but budget-savvy crowd by offering professional styling for $31 — a fraction of the normal price for a comparable cut at a full service salon.

Located at 14th and Wazee in LoDo and near the Wazee Supper Club, Union Station, The Tattered Cover, and The Oxford Hotel, City Salon features an upscale decor and feel, yet unlike most high-end salons, accepts walk-ins. Each stylist is a professional trained by the Aveda School.

Signature services include:

  • Basic haircuts for women and men for only $31
  • Partial highlights for only $31
  • Blowouts, updos and color glossing are all $31 each
  • Color glossing is only $31
  • Bang trims are $7
  • Beard and mustache trims are $7
  • Waxing services are only $7 per area

Open Monday through Friday 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., City Salon is perfect for lunch time walk-ins.