Showmances: 7 Deadly Sins a Guy Can Commit to Kill a Relationship

Screwing up a relationship typically comes down to one major misstep or a ton of minor ones. For men, forgetting a birthday or anniversary might leave them couch-bound for more than a day or two, but sex-ing the hot neighbor is likely to leave them sleeping on the front porch permanently. But, beyond the biggies like affairs–there are lots of little ugly habits that can cause serious emotional erosion in a relationship. Guys, get a clue.


#1.) Me, Me, Me

If a guy puts himself first, i.e. opens the door for himself first, takes the airplane seat furthest away from the nose hair gifted obese man on the plane or scrapes the snow off his car but “forgets” you own a car, this dude could be seriously self-involved (like Christian Bale in American Psycho self-involved).

#2.) Rules Don’t Rule

If a guy has strict love laws about the time or order events can happen in the relationship (i.e. you can’t meet his parents until you’re at the church getting married), this dude might be a dud. Throwing out the timeline can save a relationship from being overly controlled and managed (and no fun).

#3.) Addiction Affliction

Tobacco, weed, porn, alcohol, gambling, 24/7 sex and other unsavory habits can actually be full-on addictions. No one wants to kiss an ashtray or search their Internet for farmers markets only to be inundated by ads for girl-on-girl action. 158560265

#4.) Going Off the Grid

In order to be fully embraced, loved and adored by his girlfriend, a man has to be consistent. He can’t develop some weird phone paralysis or have a week-long work emergency.

#5.) As Comfy as a Snuggie

Just because you’re official now or you’ve even become betrothed doesn’t mean it’s time to settle for perma-sweatpants and date nights with the DVR. Guys need to still wine, dine and make their ladies feel loved and appreciated.

#6.) Revving the Romance

Let’s face it: those vaginas are attached somewhere. Women need compliments, foreplay and lots of other love behavior (i.e. walking the dog, foot massages and late-night taco craving runs) to feel special, wanted and sexual.

#7.) Taking Time Outs

Women want attention and they want to spend time with their significant others. It’s important to make plans together, have date nights and go on adventures together.

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