peoples-fair-red-rocksHave you seen those  MINI Coopers driving around town with “Follow me to the People’s Fair” written on the back? If you haven’t, keep your eyes peeled, because that’s probably the best advice you’ll get this week.

The 42nd annual CHUN Capital Hill People’s Fair is taking place this upcoming weekend, June 1 and 2, and will have a variety of entertainment and activities including arts and crafts, live music, family activities, and the Schomp MINI Drive Out Loud test track. Schomp MINI is 2013’s automotive sponsor, and they have plans that will definitely get you pumped.

303 had a chat with Schomp MINI’s Marketing Director, Carla Finn, to see what all the hype is about and to bring you everything you need to know about how to get into the driver’s seat of a MINI this weekend.

303: This is Schomp MINI’s first year as the automotive sponsor for People’s Fair. Why did Schomp want to get involved?

Carla Finn: MINI Coopers are great for urbanites. Sponsoring the Fair and having the Test Drive Experience will give guests the opportunity to see how fun it is to drive a MINI downtown.

303: What will attendees get to experience at the Schomp MINI area in the amphitheater?

CF: Test drives, photo booths, coloring contest and watch an artist on-site painting a MINI

303: Can you tell me a little bit about the artist who’s painting the MINI?

CF: Robin Munro is a Colorado native and has extensive experience in graphic design, tattoo art, decorative painting and has murals throughout the city. He is a large part of the Colorado Crush Block Party and has won many graffiti competitions. He is funded by the city with a following that includes the mayor and his wife.

303: Where did the idea come from to get Robin to paint a MINI?

CF: We wanted to come up with an idea that incorporated the theme of People’s Fair which includes art. Painting a MINI seemed like the best idea and will get lots of people interested in watching.

303: I heard that this event is one of Aaron’s [Schomp owner] favorite events. What is this event’s importance to him?

CF: Aaron Wallace believes in getting our brand into the public in fun and creative ways. People’s Fair is a great event focused on the arts and community. It’s a great fit for the dealership and brand.









The Schomp MINI exhibit will be located at the Southwest corner of the fair at Broadway and 13th. Visit the exhibit to get your photo taken with a MINI Cooper and test drive one on the test track. For more information about the People’s Fair, click here.


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