image001 With ski season well underway, Coloradans and jet setters alike are flocking to the slopes of Aspen to enjoy the finest that spring skiing has to offer.

Skiing makes me very thirsty. The Little Nell’s newly renovated Element 47 exclusively offers the Nachtmann Aspen Smash, an après-ski cocktail. Created by The Little Nell’s newly minted Master Sommelier Sabato Sagaria, the drink offers much-needed vitality after an active day on the slopes, and is an elegant complement to Aspen’s only five star hotel.

Sagaria infuses the Smash with only the finest local Colorado spirits, adding hints of mint, citrus, and cherry to accentuate the warming Colorado whiskey. Sagaria specifically crafted the cocktail to be used with the Aspen Tumbler, an elegant rocks glass made by Nachtmann, the Bavarian crystal house, which he chose to complement the classic-contemporary redesign of Element 47. The Little Nell will offer The Nachtmann Aspen Smash through April.  So head to Aspen and get a great day of sunny skiing and refreshing cocktails.  If skiing isn’t your thing, you can mix up this cocktail at home!  You can enjoy it in front a fire, and wear a parka to get the full effect.


Nachtmann Aspen Smash Recipe

Garnish: Mint bouquet on top, lemon wheel on side of glass.  96399619


2 oz Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

½ oz Leopold Bros. Maraschino Liqueur

6 sprigs of mint

2 lime wedges

1 1/2 oz sweet and sour*

crushed ice


Fill Nachtmann Aspen tumbler overflowing with crushed ice. In shaker, muddle mint with lime.  Add whiskey, maraschino and sweet and sour to shaker. Strain onto crushed ice. Garnish with mint bouquet on top and a lemon wheel on the side of the glass.  Doesn’t that sound refreshing after a day of working hard on the slopes?  I love that Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey is the star of this cocktail!

If you are lucky enough to get a few more days in on the mountain, stop by Element 47 in Aspen and enjoy this delicious cocktail. Cheers!

Element 47 is located at 675 E. Durant Avenue, Aspen, CO 81611.  Phone: 970-920-6330.

Photo of cocktail courtesy of Element 47.