Showmances: The String Along

When you’re in the treacherous deep end of the dating pool, it’s easy to develop feelings for people that you’ve gone out with only a few times. If you feel a connection, share some physical chemistry and enjoy their company, it’s easy to start feeling a bit attached. It’s nice to bask in the glow of liking someone new and feeling a flutter of butterflies. But, hold on and put up a big STOP sign on your trip down lovey dovey lane. The sad truth is that the beginning of relationships is the ideal time for men and women to play the game of string along. It’s a form of using and it’s a tactic reserved for those who are hedging their bets, unsure about the other person, afraid of commitment or just someone interested in keeping their options wide open.


Many celebrities play a deft game of SA. Kim Kardashian strung along basketball player Kris Humphries for a phony wedding and big payday. George Clooney loves to string along a bevy of beauties as temporary paramours while he never puts a ring on it. John Mayer enjoys a continual game of love ’em and leave ’em while Paris Hilton also rotates in a new boyfriend almost weekly, while she dumps the previous string along.

Signs You’re the String Along:

1.) Call me Maybe-Contact is kept to a minimum. You hear from him/her only occasionally and when it’s convenient for them.

2.) Busy Busy Busy-They have kids, pets, finances, travel plans, work, school, etc. And no time for you.

3.) You’re my Boo-There’s no defining your status as boyfriend/girlfriend or in a relationship. He/she will avoid discussion of labels. (This might make you try harder or push further and that will only leave the other person thinking you’re a clinger. They’ll also sidestep defining the relationship with manipulation strategies like telling you they like independent people and want to take things “one day at a time.”)

4.) Psycho City-With all their wishy-washy ways, you’ll soon become totally confused and tortured by their refusal to commit or be exclusive. You’ll develop irrational behaviors like social media stalking or incessant texting. Uneasy conversation

5.) Date Disqualified-He/She will start justifying their lack of commitment to you by suddenly making your habits/lifestyle one big deal breaker (i.e. he/she won’t marry a non-vegan, a cat owner, a person who likes Rocky Road ice cream).

6.) Hello?!?-The String Along game player makes you initiate contact so they feel less guilty about leading you on.


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