Aspens by Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright, a mother of three, is a 30 year practicing artist with a style as unique as she is. Jessica is one of my favorite artists in Denver, because not only is she creative, she’s extremely active in the community. If she’s not doing yoga or hanging out with her kids, she’s likely to be found around Denver spreading word about her art. Jessica has shown her artwork in a handful of shows this past year and has always been a crowd favorite.

One of her newest styles of painting includes splatter paint where she splashes canvases with different colors and allows picture to form themselves. “I was painting Aspens one day last year when I ran out of white paint. I had been painting the doorframe and left out the quart. Instead of going out and getting more paint, I decided to use what I had,” Jessica explains. “That gave me the beautiful texture on the tree trunks! I decided to see what else could be done. I tried a butterfly and from there on tried more and more challenging subjects. All the paint was thrown from my paintbrush or drizzled from a chopstick.”


Jessica painting live at the RAW Artist showcase in Boulder. Photo by Angelique Olin.

Some of Jessica’s most popular splatter paintings are her aspen trees. I recently had the opportunity to watch Jessica create one of these and the process is really quite fascinating. She simply begins with the tap of the brush and before you know it, you’re looking at a uniquely designed butterfly or the profile of two beautiful stallions.

Jessica gives much of the credit to her family, because she believes it is their unconditional support that inspires her art. “Soon after I met my husband Dan, my art literally flourished from the respect he brings me,” she says. “Even when we only had pennies, canvas was considered a necessity by both of us.”

Jessica is not the only one with a creative side in the family. All three of her children are artists, so providing quality art education programs in schools is something Jessica is very passionate about. This past fall, Jessica and a handful of other moms decided to join together and offer after-school art lessons to the K-5th grade students of Jefferson County Open School. Will a little financial help from the art community, Jessica was able to offer free lessons to students. “They were all so cute,” she says. “They did great, and all of them produced lovely pieces they were proud of.”

To learn more about Jessica and her art, you can visit her on Facebook at


IMG_7023aGiulia is a hard core yogi who loves city life and local art. She is the Director of RAW:natural born artist in Boulder, CO and a big supporter of the underground art scene. If it was up to her, Giulia would spend the rest of her life on a yoga mat while having intellectual conversations about human rights and where to get the best tasting local food in Denver.