The mural/hand-painted ad artist gives of their creativity without restraint, their skill and artistic nature shows through even on the rugged surfaces that serve as their canvas. Patrick Kane McGregor is one such artist who has made the wall his canvas for the past 18 years.

Portrait of Pete Contos by Patrick Kane McGregor

“I have always been artistic. Shortly after my son, Tristan was born, we moved to Portland, Oregon, and I saw a guy creating a hand-painted ad. I started at the bottom of that company and interned with him for 4 years. I learned a lot, it was like going to school”. McGregor also spent 5 years in Brooklyn, New York working with a friend’s hand-painted ad company, but felt it was finally time to return to his roots in Denver, Colorado. “I also paint landscapes and portraits on true canvas’s, but hand-painted ads are my bread and butter”.

Patrick Kane McGregor is joined with his son, Tristan in working on the “Thank You” mural for Pete Contos.

The day that I met with McGregor he was creating the mural for Pete Contos, owner of The Satire Lounge, Pete’s Kitchen, Pete’s Gyros Place, Pete’s University Café, Pete’s Greek Town and Pete’s Central One. MacGregor was hired to create a “Thank You” to customers that included a portrait of Pete spanning his 50 years of business on the East wall of the Satire.


The mural is now completed, but just as any wall art goes, eventually it disappears, not because of age but often times because of progress. The New Castle Beer ad on the West wall of Pete’s Kitchen that McGregor had also painted some time ago and was there on interview day, has now been painted a plain cream color.

“With some jobs like the New Castle ad, you know what to expect you have certain parameters. It’s nice when you get some artistic freedom like the “Thank You” here on the Satire Lounge. They had certain requirements like the portraits, but I was able to suggest a few things” McGregor says.

McGregor is currently creating works of art on the walls of the elevator rooms that connect the parking area to the Colorado Convention Center.

Each of the four floors represent a different season of Aspen trees. This is also going to be part of an Art Walk of the many pieces that are around the area.

McGregor’s paintings whether on a wall or canvas literally “pop” off the canvas. They are painted with attention to detail and often look as though it is a photograph until you touch the wall or canvas.

If you are interested in having a hand-painted ad for your business or just need to liven up a wall at home, then Patrick Kane McGregor just may be your man.

Visit his website to learn more or phone him directly at 917.370.5653

Wendy L. Pitton R. is a culture writer for 303 Magazine and the owner of WENDO Productions.  WENDO Productions is an artistic production and artist representative company.


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