The Holiday Staple

Lanvin dress in velvet- Fall 2012. Perfect for all of your holiday parties.
Lanvin dress in velvet- Fall 2012. Perfect for all of your holiday parties.

This year’s holiday must-have is neither champagne, nor cookies.  This year’s treat is for your closet and it is even calorie free. Velvet! Closely associated with nobility, this woven tufted fabric is the perfect way to look like royalty this holiday season.  The winter season comes with many stresses, but looking wonderful should not have to be one of them.  By following a few simple rules and taking advantage of some killer Cyber-Monday deals, you will be the master of velvet.

To Crush Or Not To Crush:Crushed velvet is a great alternative to wearing classic velvet, but be careful.  There is no doubt that it makes more of a statement due to the way that the texture catches the light.  While classic velvet is evenly woven to obtain a flawless look, crushed velvet has the same lush feel with a far shinier and varying texture.  But if you wear crushed velvet, keep in mind that it is wild, so keep the rest of the outfit simple and classic.

Keep It Dark:Velvet tends to look the best in dark, rich colors.  While there are exceptions to every rule, this is one by which I encourage you to abide.  Black is always a definite.  But velvet looks great in deep shades of red-like cranberry, maroon, or plum.  Dark blues and navy are an absolute yes, and my personal favorite- forest green.  Forest green velvet is fun and fresh, but simple.  It is also a great option if you are looking for a velvet piece that you can dress up, or dress down.

Prada heels in dark cranberry. Make a statement with your shoes.

Simple Over Busy:  Keep it simple.  Velvet is sometimes done with a pattern in the fabric itself, or decorative stitching.  While these can be an elegant touch, keep in mind that it dictates greatly the ways in which you can wear the article of clothing.

So if you are looking to make it easy, stick with a solid velvet.

Wear It Your Way: Have fun! Velvet can be found on anything from dresses, to pants, to jackets, to shoes, so enjoy this freedom.  Black velvet pants with a crisp, white button-down is a great way to give an outfit a holiday feel.  Or if you have more formal events to attend, go for the velvet cocktail dress.  And for all of you out there who spend the winter season freezing cold, a velvet blazer is the perfect investment that will keep you warm and stylish (in causal mode or party-girl mode!)

McQ by Alexander McQueen velvet jacket in black. Dress it up, or dress it down. But stay warm!

Velvet is a fabric fit for a queen, so enjoy this winter wonder-cloth.  It is versatile, elegant, and a fun way to keep your holiday wardrobe festive.  From a fancy holiday dress to a chic blazer with jeans, velvet is your answer.  So indulge in those Cyber-Monday deals and remember that special guy in your life (men look great in velvet too!)


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