Gardening in the Winter: The Greenhouse Alternative

With winter comes hibernation, bone-chilling temperatures, cranked up heaters and many hours spent indoors. One thing that does not have to suffer from the winter months is your garden. From Spring to Fall, outdoor gardens not only provide a source of homegrown delights, but a place of solace and escape. Winter rears its ugly head and we think we must say goodbye to all this until the first hint of warmth creeps in. Not so fast. Greenhouses are the home-gardener’s answer for a year round garden and happy place.


  •  Greenhouses offer so much more than a means to keep the freshness and taste of warmer months alive, but they provide that much needed place of escape and take gardening to a whole new level.
  •  Gone are the days of homeowner greenhouses only being for the elite; companies like Hartley Botanic have been providing budget-conscious, expertly designed greenhouses for the garden novice and expert alike since 1938.
  • A company geared towards making home greenhouses accessible and rewarding, Hartley Botanic was founded in the U.K by Vincent Hartley and the original aluminum greenhouse design was born.
  • Simple, clean and practical, Hartley’s greenhouses would have a huge impact on the world of gardening from here on out.
  • Innovative and tasteful, Hartley’s designs are still apparent in every greenhouse built today by the company he began nearly 75 years ago.
  • The preferred choice of gardeners at all levels, Hartley provides options in size, style and budget to fit an individual’s greenhouse needs and wants.
  • From Victorian English, Horizon, Botanic, Clearspan or a custom built greenhouse, Hartley has it all.

Avant-garde to simplistic, Hartley designs are sure to fit the greenhouse needs of newbie to professional gardeners. Focused on providing a greenhouse-buying and/or building experience in the smoothest, most helpful manner possible, Hartley prides itself on maintaining a long lasting, old fashioned relationship with its customers.

So what IS the deal with greenhouse gardening, you may ask? Not only does greenhouse gardening allow you to bring your outside garden indoors, essentially, but it provides you with a means to grow some pretty cool plants, veggies and exotic flowers that your outdoor climate just wouldn’t let fly. A peaceful, ingenious plant world created with its own uniqueness and atmosphere, greenhouses are an indulgence that will give you something beautiful and useful in the comfort of your own home, year round. Winter is no longer a garden-killer, greenhouses are here to save the day (or the plant?) and companies like Hartley Botanic are around to help you do so.

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