Do you have an Italian recipe that is simply divine? Did your grandmother teach you how to craft the tastiest lasagna? Do your friends swear up and down that your ravioli is the raddest they’ve ever had? Then perhaps your time to shine has come. The Villa Palmer Lake is a rustic family owned and operated restaurant serving fine Italian cuisine in beautiful Palmer Lake, Colorado. They are holding a contest to sniff out the best Italian recipes around and the winner or winners will have their dish featured on The Villa Palmer Lake menu for the month of November. The restaurant is looking for great recipes that feature autumn themes, harvest vegetables or fruits, or just excellent Italian flavor. Recipes could be for anything from entrees to appetizers to desserts, even pizza or mac n’ cheese so long as it’s Italian! The winner will also receive a free dinner for four at The Villa that will include their winning dish. Recipes should be emailed to [email protected] before October 31st to be considered, and including a photo of the dish is optional. The Villa Palmer Lake website has all of the details of the competition.