November 7-11 @ Broomfield’s 1st Bank Center (img: Matt Beard, costumes: Dominique Lemieux)

A contortionist gets wrapped up in her work. Acrobats test gravity in perfect synchronicity. A trapeze artist dangles upside down from an elastic sling. Chinese women toy with diablos. A man brings Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous anatomical drawing to three-dimensional life. Jumping rope is delivered to the next level. Aerialists hang out in increasingly impressive positions. A man and a woman imitate a coffee table with their bodies. A juggler thrusts a variety of objects into the air. Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam follows Zoe, a bored young girl who pines for more than the default reality under her parents’ roof. Fortunately, she’s a character in a Cirque show, so her wildest dreams are destined to be realized. Quidam’s victory lap arena tour lands in Broomfield November 7-11. Tickets are available now at both and

George Peele enjoys strapping on height enhancers and aurally ambushing strangers. He is Music Editor for Follow Peele on Twitter: @Orangepeelmoses. Avatar image courtesy Jonathan Shoup.