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Of all the fashion designers that have done collections for mass-market retailers, one of the collections that has me the most excited is not from a designer at all, but from a fashion director, Anna Dello Russo. And it is not a full clothing collection, but even more enticing—accessories! What girl doesn’t love accessories–they make the outfit. What easier way to transform a simple tank and jeans than with some great heels and a statement necklace? Especially during these financially strapped times, it’s the budget friendly way to update your wardrobe.

Besides being the fashion director-at-large and creative consultant for Japanese Vogue, Anna Dello Russo has become a fixture of street style blogs, and has become a fashion icon for many. Her eclectic style makes her the perfect person to have a line of accessories. This is the first time H&M has partnered with a fashion director and not a designer, but Dello Russo and H&M together is fashion marriage made in heaven.

Dello Russo’s collection will land in 140 stores on October 4th.  Her accessories will mirror her own personal style, a little bit out there, and a lot fabulous. The H&M press release calls her collection, “an over the top accessories collection.” But what else would be expected from Dello Russo. No matter what you think of her fashion choices, she is never subtle and never boring! The collection will include shoes, jewelry, bags and sunglasses. The words “gold, shiny, and sparkly” have been used to describe her collection.

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Making collections affordably priced and easily accessible for women who may not have thousands of dollars to spend on clothing and accessories, has been extremely successful for designers in the past. It’s also a way for designers to gain an entirely new fan base. Customers that may not have the resources to shop at Saks or Neiman’s can now become familiar with high-end designers, when their collections start showing up in Target, H&M or Aldo.

Denver style is considered by most to be pretty laid back and casual, and adding a little ADR is great way to step up the style without breaking the bank. Most girls here probably don’t dress in such an attention grabbing way, but maybe it’s time to add a little baroque-style gold jewelry into the mix. That’s the beauty of ADR’s accessories, one piece in itself is a statement. And you will have the option of adding just a little bit or going totally over the top, the way Anna Dello Russo would no doubt do it.

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