Chicks behind the decks are always a welcome sight (unless, of course, it’s Paris Hilton or some other wannabe celebutante DJ) and much like DJ Rap, DJ Irene, and Sandra Collins before them, The Jane Doze are a pair of spinners tricking out club speakers with fetch house-y remix tracks.

Anchored in NYC, these ladies smash together the most unlikely of tunes and genres–often layering indie rock with hip-hop or rehashing rock hop or even setting fire to the solitary elegance of Sigur Rós with the bluntness of Drake.

It was the blogging of the duo’s track, “Replacement Ros,” by venture capitalist Fred Wilson earlier this year that hooked me like the first sip of a stellar martini: birdlike mallet notes, Jónsi’s haunting falsetto, and Trey Song’s tongue-twisting spitting rhymes from Drake’s “Replacement Girls” track. “No Love Stories Without Pretty Girls” is a dizzying amalgam of Clear Channel radio hits with a whole ten songs spliced and diced into a three-minute track meant for summer pool parties like 303’s very own.

While these ladies are more for the clubbers than devotees of the remix movement with pairings that also include Avicii, Robyn, and the Temper Trap, the tunes are fun and familiar and accomplish one thing: getting the crowd moving.

The Jane Doze are found online at Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and their official site.

“GIRLS TALK” (full album)


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