New York Fashion Week. It’s the center of the style scene that sets the tone for the following season. But equally important and alluring  to the shows is the street style that emerges during the week-long event.

After years of working at fashion shows, I was able to actually enjoy one as a guest this season and witness the always entertaining and inspiring street style simultaneously. I observed several umbrella trends – color block, fur, Native American prints, high-low hems, brightly colored statement pieces (specifically yellow), leather pants, hair fastened in high knot buns, and booties – as well as some classic fashion staples like skinny pants and the omnipresent NYC “black uniform.”

Here are some of my personal street style shots. Enjoy!

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Rachel is a Denver native, currently residing in Los Angeles. She has worked for some of fashion’s most recognizable brands and is a devoted fashionista. From trend analysis to street style to what’s next, Rachel has her finger on the pulse. Style is a lifestyle and she is living it.