Countdown 2 Denver Fashion Weekend: It’s Finally Here!

After all of the creative collaboration, anticipation and a healthy dose of stress, Denver Fashion Weekend–presented by Schomp BMW– has finally arrived! Night one, which kicks off tonight at 8 p.m. at Exdo Event Center, will be featuring current and vintage designer fashions. Candice Goins, stylist and owner at Candies Closet, will be sending some amazing looks down the runway inspired by the late, great Alexander McQueen. Of course, fashion is all about glitz and glam, and Schomp BMW will have some fast, shiny cars on display as the perfect complement to the looks of the evening. We spoke with both of these participants to find out what all of the buzz is about.

Candice Goins, Stylist/Owner, Candies Closet

303: When did your love of fashion first begin?

CG: I’m an Air Force brat, born in Wiesbaden, Germany, and I moved to Italy and then to Misawa, Japan. I was exposed to so many cultures and forced to move a lot, which probably is why I’m able to walk into any situation and feel at home. I started doing dishes and taking out trash around nine years old, and I used my money for Vogue every month. I remember my dad (in the 70s) asking, “Do you always have to pick the most expensive magazine?” So, I did more dishes and got a subscription at 10 years old! (And, I still have it.) From Japan, I moved to San Antonio, Texas. Talk about a culture shock, but I love Texas and the people and the food, and I lived there for 15 years prior to moving to Denver in 1997.

At 13, I took my chore money to Goodwill and started cutting up clothes for my friends because there was a new teen club opening up. Madonna was huge, so I styled most of my friends like her. There would be six fabulous Madonnas with me at all times…hee hee! I thought I would be a designer. The high school hallway was a runway for me. I wrote down everything I wore every day and sketched, and I still have those books.

303: How did you get involved with the mayhem that is Denver Fashion Weekend?

CG: Wow, where to begin? I moved to Denver in 1997, and I met a great friend AB [Publisher of 303 Magazine]. We had a mutual passion for fashion. So loving him and loving fashion–that’s how I started with this particular event.

303: How do you anticipate the fashion industry evolving in the Denver community?

CG: My goal is take Denver a little further. There’s some nice style, but, as you know, it’s cold and women get lazy. I’m trying to change it up that you can get out in your fur and boots (even if it’s snowing) and look amazing. If style becomes serious effort, it is NO FUN!!

303: How do you feel Denver responds to edgy looks not commonly seen around the streets?

CG: Honestly, depending on the part of city that you live in (Denver area), the style could be appreciated or frowned upon. But, usually at the end of the night, I try to show people not to judge, introduce yourself, its ok. 🙂

303: What trends are you most excited to send down the runway?

CG: My show is somewhat of a McQueen tribute. This show will be a little edgy. I’m excited about leather, furs and mixing fabrics. THIS IS THE PART I LOVE AND DO THE BEST! All I can say is I pray that everyone will have an amazing time.

303: How do you decide which looks suit which models?

CG: I have so many favorite designers, and I’m all over the map. I style size 0 to 18, and I love every minute of it. It depends on the event, situation and what’s going on in their lives. I love to do photo shoots and show people how amazing they truly are.

303: What will you be doing to prepare yourself for this event?

CG: Finally letting production take over, and I’m sketching my brains out! I hope everyone enjoys the show, fingers crossed! xoxo

Schomp BMW

303: Why does Schomp BMW continue to support the efforts of Denver Fashion Weekend?

SBMW: When a company such as 303 Magazine puts an event together, we know we’re
going to get great representation. Cars and fashion go hand-in-hand, and we’re happy to be a part of it.

303: What about Schomp BMW’s company philosophy makes sponsoring DFW a perfect fit?

SBMW: We believe in community involvement, and DFW is a great way to
show it.

303: What makes the Denver aesthetic and style so unique?

SBMW: Certain aspects of every one of our brands are synonymous with fashion. Denver is a very interesting place with tons of potential for a high-profile fashion presence.

303: What is your favorite part of attending a fashion production?

SBMW: My favorite part personally is seeing and feeling the energy of the crowd. It’s very fun and exciting to see a group of people come together to put together a production of this scale.

303: What role will Schomp BMW’s cars be playing during DFW?

SBMW: All of our cars (BMW, Honda, MINI Coopers) will be on display much like the fashions. We’ve selected models that complement the theme of each night, and they will be representing Schomp and our role in the Denver Fashion community.

303: Do you recall any crazy occurrences from having your cars make appearances at social events?

SBMW: We had MINI Coopers dressed up in kilts at the St. Patrick’s Day parade last year. Personifying a car is very entertaining to crowds. We had tons of people taking photos with the cars.



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