So today my husband and I, along with our six-month-old, packed up into our SUV and set out on a three week road trip across the country. We’ve got 3,000 miles to cover and 48-hours of driving if we did it straight, and that’s not mentioning all of the family time we’re going to be clocking.

While it seems daunting as I sit here in my living room trying to calculate just how many canisters of formula makes three weeks worth of bottles, I’m also looking forward to the downtime we’ll have in the car. After all, our baby can’t help but be lulled to sleep when we rock along the interstate; and so I’m imagining I’ll get quite a bit of reading done.

But that creates my next dilemma. By the time I’ve packed everything our family of three needs for this excursion, is there going to be any space left to cram in my beloved books?

I’m an old-fashioned gal. I love the smell of crisp new pages and I can’t get enough of physically turning the pages. I even pledged to read the printed word. And if I quit reading real books, how will I display my past reads as trophies? E-readers in no way appeal to me. Or they didn’t until I had three weeks of travel staring me in the face, and that’s not counting the trips I’ve got coming up next month. Suddenly the convenience factor of an e-reader is really beating out my nostalgia for good old-fashioned books.

So I’m borrowing my dad’s Kindle for the trip as a kind of experiment. It’s thin and light, easy to just slip into my purse and yet I will have endless books at my fingertips. But is this the best choice?

There’s always an iPad.

Or the Nook.

Heck. Maybe I’ll just listen to some audiobooks.

Anyone out there have some e-reader suggestions for me? This is totally new territory.

Or what about thoughts on my crossover? I feel like a sell-out!