EDGE Restaurant at the Four Seasons just rolled out a new lunch menu. The regulars who frequent this high class steak joint were clamoring for more, so they’ve more than doubled the size of their lunch menu. Businessmen love a good Caesar, but for those of you who are more adventurous they’ve added six new salads. The sesame chicken salad (which comes with the Business “Quickie” lunch, below) has a light citrus-peanut dressing over slaw-like Asian vegetables and thin slices of tender chicken. Their “Nicoise” has quotes around it because it comes with grilled herb crusted Ahi Tuna instead of the traditional canned tuna, and that’s a step up. Some items, like the mushroom soup, have gotten even better: perfect for a frigid winter day, you’ll find sauteed porcini hiding in savory truffle cream soup.

If you watched Obama’s State of the Union speech, you’d know that he called on Americans to commit to innovation — our purported primary export. I guess they were ready for him at EDGE, where the new lunch menu offers creative cuisine without leaving your comfort zone. Their expanded “burger bar” includes tasteful new ensembles, like a Greek-style lamb burger with tzatziki sauce, cured tomatoes and romaine, or a chicken burger with feta, spinach and bell pepper aioli. If you want a more classic burger, look for the barbecue and onion ring buffalo burger with chiptole barbecue sauce or their uber-classic Black Angus. Their fries are fantastic, if that’s what you’re into, but they’ve also got terra chips or fresh fruit kebabs for the health conscious.

The marriage of classic and clever doesn’t stop there. How about an iceberg wedge with wild boar bacon? Fish tacos with jicama cabbage slaw? Those who are plagued by hunger pangs would do well to look at the grill menu. Nothing satiates like a kobe steak or filet mignon, but you can take it to the next level by topping it with a butter poached half lobster or a citrus hollandaise sauce with chunks of fresh crab. EDGE has all your classic dessert bases covered. Sticky toffee pudding, chocolate mousse, warm cobbler, and even baked Alaska. For something new, explore the dark chocolate depths of the vanilla pear black bottom crème brûlée.

If you’re too busy to peruse the menu, the Business “Quickie” might be for you. Tomato soup, sesame chicken salad, tamari-glazed salmon and a kobe slider for eighteen bucks, and you’ll be out the door in twenty minutes. Take your next business lunch to the EDGE, and come back happy.