So it’s a new year and it’s time to slim down… your makeup bag! It’s the perfect time of year to start fresh, and that means fresh ideas and fresh products. Yes, that means it’s time to throw away that 3 year old mascara! But while slimming down in every other aspect of your new years resolution is gonna suck, I promise that this exercise is gonna feel great and be as easy as pie… sorry, didn’t mean to jeapodize your 6 week old diet with the pie analogy.

As a new years gift here’s a beautiful shoot from Harper’s Bazaar en Espanol by photographer Benjamin Kanarek, featuring model Michelle Westgeest.

The stuff to DITCH right away:
The biggest culprit: Mascara
Expires: 3 months
* FYI – this 3 month rule applies to any product that goes from a moist environment then onto your face, and back into that moist environment. It’s just a hotbed for bacteria growth.

Pump or Tube Concealer
Expires: 1 year

Cream Blush
Expires: 1 year (but needs to have the top layer scraped clean every so often)

Expires: 12 to 18 months

Powder Eyeshadow & Powder Blush
Expires: 2+ years

Liquid Foundation
Expires: 1 year

Expires: 2 years or sooner if it gets dried out

Other items to toss:

Things you haven’t used in over a year. If you haven’t used it in a year it is just taking up valuable space in your makeup bag.

Products that are broken and making a mess. We are all guilty of not wanting to toss that shadow that smashed, but just do it.

Try to phase out products heavy in Parabens. There just no good for you!

Makeup Bag Essentials:

* Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation – Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Powder Foundation

* Transformer – to turn your powder shadows into liquid liner like The Makeup Store’s Mixing Liquid.

* Concealer – MAC Moisture Cover

* A palette of neutral shadows – Urban Decay Naked Palette.* Black mascara – Stila GlamourEyes Mascara

* Powder Bronzer – matte bronzer in Suntan.

* Lipliner – A neutral shade like Jane Iredale’s Lip Definer in Spice.

* Lipgloss – Tarte Vitamin infused Lipgloss in 40 winks

* Lip Conditioner – Lip Drink by Jane Iredale

* Eyedrops – Naphcon A eye-drops (available at all good drugstores)

* Makeup finishing spray – 10 Years Younger by skindinavia.

* Tweezers – by Tweezerman

* Blotting sheets – by Clean and Clear

* Pencil Sharpener

* Travel Brush set – MAC Travel Brush set.

* Lash Curler