Catch dubstep kingpin Caspa this Friday @ Cervantes’

When it comes to bottom end, Caspa’s on top. Dubstep, a subsonic-obsessed electronica genre that’s popularity is especially high in The Mile High, is his proverbial oyster. Formerly known as Quiet Storm, Caspa first made noise with “Bass Bins”, a track that was touted by BBC 1extra’s J Da Flex way back in 2003. Naming his first label Storming Productions capitalized on that momentum; making waves on the Rinse FM airwaves didn’t hurt either. Dub Police, a dubstep-dedicated imprint initially inspired by Swedish beat smiths L-Wiz, manhandled the emerging sound’s beat. Dropping cuts via other outlets like Tempa doubled Caspa’s odds–“Rubber Chicken” might not be quite “The Chicken Dance” of dubstep, but it definitely accrued some decent mileage. Legendary London nightclub Fabric soon approached Caspa and fellow label breadwinner Rusko to program the thirty-seventh installment of FabricLive–dubstep’s first ever commercially available compilation. Caspa’s spin on TC’s “Where’s my Money” was so ginormous that it received the spoof treatment–Parker’s Jungle Book-sampling “Where’s my Monkey?” Westword “Best Promoter” Sub.mission presents Day 1 of Mile High Bass Invasion, featuring Caspa and friends, this Friday, September 17 at Cervantes.