My trip to the Cartwheel Galaxy was just what the doctor ordered! I didn’t realize that all you needed was the cucumber slices…I have been using the whole damn thing!  I know you missed me!!  I missed you all too!!!!!!

We are going to let you hear from a fabulous Queen. Felony Misdemeanor is sharing some words of wisdom:

Felony let’s us have it week after week and here are some great looks.  You can’t be this versatile if you don’t have the patience to let the magic happen.  The best advice a girl can get is to relax, enjoy trying new things, and remember nothing is permanent!  If the makeup doesn’t work, wash it off and try again!

Felony Misdemeanor

Felony Misdemeanor

Felony Misdemeanor

Don’t miss your last chance to see her at Vivid at Charlie’s. This next Sunday, the Vivid curtain is going to be making its last call. Show your support for Mr. Vrooman and his Vivid legacy.

In the words of RuPaul:

“If you free your mind, your ass will follow!”