I was in my space cruiser when I realized that it needed its Tranny checked out……What’s wrong with a gurl needing some attention?!

Speaking of wanting a little attention, we talked a few weeks ago about using makeup brushes.  I hope that you all now have at least one brush to help paint your daily beauty masterpiece!  Now using these brushes are great, but we need to give these tools a little TLC.  It’s not only good for your tools, but it’s healthy for you as well.  Cleaning your makeup brushes is an often overlooked yet extremely important step in your makeup routine. A makeup brush or sponge can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt that can easily cause breakouts.  They may also pose a risk of infectious agents like fungus (ringworm), parasites, and viruses too.  Regular cleaning keeps brushes soft, easy to use, and makes them last.  A big pet peeve of mine is to see a beautiful woman pull out her compact to touch up her powder, and it looks like she has used that sponge since 1972. It’s not healthy ladies!!! On top of it not being healthy, you can contaminate new makeup by re-dipping soiled brushes, or sponges into new makeup.

There are quite a few brush cleaners on the market.  They can be sprayed or poured.  The both work really well, it just depends on what you prefer.  Sprays or pours can be used then rinsed until the water runs clear.  I even use a gentle or baby shampoo to help cleanse my brushes.  Reshape your brushes with your fingers, then let them air dry.  Cleaning sponges or pads are just as easy.  Just get them wet, apply cleanser, mush it to create a lather, rinse thoroughly, then let dry.

The sprays tend to work better for a quick touch-up because they don’t necessarily need rinsing.  Pours can be quick-dry or in a shampoo form that need to be rinsed.  If you need to use the brush relatively quickly after you cleanse them, the spray or quick-dry liquid work best.  If you plan on letting them dry, an anti-fungal brush shampoo works well.  Three places I recommend are Makeup Mania, M.A.C., and Sephora.

I hope this week’s Beauty note was helpful!  Remember ladies…Keep it clean, keep it clean!!!!!