Hellur, Hellur!! Thanks for tuning into my frequency my little draglings! A bit ago I gave some tips on makeup brushes, now lets start talking about prepping the skin. Before any great artist paints their masterpiece, they have to prep the canvas. The face is no different. If the face isn’t clean, moisturized or prepped, your makeup is likely to slip, skip or run.

I always start with a clean face. You can find an array of facial cleansers on the market. It all depends on your preference. Some cleansers come in gel, cream, oil, liquid form. Ponds, MAC, Clarins, and Matis Paris. These are some brands that I love! Just pick something gentle. The last thing you want to do is irritate your precious face before you cover it with war paint. Now those of us in Colorado know how dry our climate is. It is well known fact that moisturized skin appears young and smooth. Now anyone over the age of 12 should get to know moisturizers. Imagine trying to put makeup on a prune. Gurl, that makeup is going to fall in all those little creases and make them stand out. If you imagine putting makeup on a plum….well, it’s a whole different story. You’ll be able to paint the Sistine Chapel with extreme precision.

The skin on the eyes is a lot more delicate then the skin on your cheeks, nose, and forehead. The skin around your eyes needs a little more TLC then the rest of the face. Some eye creams have everything from caffeine to Vitamin E. These special additions to the cream help to plump up and lift, which will fill in any fine lines. Eye moisturizers come in as many different textures as there are infomercials on late night TV. Take it slow and try things out. You don’t want the cream to sit on top of the skin. You want something that absorbs into the skin.

Now this is the most underused step before putting on your concealer and/or foundation. The purpose of facial primer is no different from paint primer. Think of your skin as the wall with its natural imperfections and color challenges. Makeup primer, a gel or cream applied after moisturizer and before foundation, provides a smooth surface on which to apply makeup. Primers can also help keep your makeup in place. Girlfriend, have you ever noticed later in the day or when you get home from work and your eyes have moved down your face?

Benefits of using primers can go beyond smooth, flawless skin. Many primers contain minerals that can even out skin tone, decrease breakouts and prevent dryness. Silica (silicone dioxide) is the mineral commonly found in primers to control shine. They also can contain waxes and polymers help makeup stay where you put it.

I hope you find this information of use…because child, I had to learn from a lot of trial and error.

Wait..what’s that? I’m getting a homing signal from E.T… that extra-Transsexual is phoning home! Gotta run!

I cought up with my sister, Kiera Sexton, backstage at Charlie’s (Vivid Sundays). She shares one of her favorite beauty tips.