Lilith Fair goers in 1998 at Mansfield, Massachusetts

Like Michael Jordan or Jay-Z before him, Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair is coming out of retirement. The estrogen-fueled tour bus rolls into Comfort Dental Amphitheatre (formerly Fiddler’s Green) tomorrow. Colorado’s lineup isn’t my personal favorite, but there are certainly some “sexcellent” specimens involved with the festival’s reanimation. Janelle Monae, La Roux, Sia, Suzanne Vega, Erykah Badu and Marina and The Diamonds, to name a few. Sadly, not a single one of them is doing the Denver leg.

If you’ve ever wondered where McLachlan got the showcase’s moniker, the legend is a curious one. There are numerous variations on the cautionary tale but, according to Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife in the Garden of Eden. When she refused to be subservient–or stick to the missionary position–she was excommunicated from “paradise”. Talk about chauvenistic propaganda. Lilith allegedly spent the rest of her days fornicating with demons on the shores of the Red Sea. Let that be a lesson to you independent, open-minded ladies out there.

Or not.