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Fork It: Osteria Marco

Pools of melting goat cheese and dollops of sweet fig puree on a bed of pecorino, sprinkled with crunchy bits of prosciutto. If your mouth isn’t watering right now there’s probably something wrong with it....
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Stage Advice: Reefer Mania

Pot is hot. Especially in The Mile High. Captain Obvious strikes again. But if you thought pot was hot before, wait til you get a load of weed-themed striptease. Reefer Mania, the self-described “Vaudevillesque Pot Opera” now playing at Five Points' Crossroads Theatre, takes pot's hotness to another level....
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Fork It: TAG

Troy Guard is a cuisine genius. The gastronomical mind behind some of the Mile High's most cutting-edge eateries (Zengo, now-defunct Nine 75), he's been my taste buds' best buddy since first bite. If I were Troy, I'd hire armed guards to stand watch over my recipe box 24/7. TAG, his current “Continental Social Food” experiment in LoDo's Larimer Square, celebrates its first anniversary today. Word is there's Pop Rocks in one of the entrées. Trust Troy and try it....
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303’s Master Mix: DJ Mu$a

Mu$a is a master of aural kung fu. Two full decades behind the decks tend to facilitate that kind of skill level. Fittingly, Bruce Lee is one of his biggest influences. Lee once advised “Be like water making its way through cracks”; Mu$a follows Lee's counsel to a tee, perpetually filling the specific needs of each dance-floor he encounters. Versatility enables him to play everything from hip hop to dubstep, but also makes him difficult to pigeonhole....
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Aural Pleasure: Tipper

Dave Tipper is a mad scientist of the aural persuasion. Certain tracks of his actually sound like the audio equivalent of chemistry experiments, with bass that bubbles up and gurgles inside the container that is your ear canal. Tipper is a laptop chap for sure and not necessarily the most animated performer in the world to witness live, but standing idly by while watching a DJ mix really isn’t the point. Tripping out to his digital trickery is. If your eyes are jonesing for a spectacle, check out a DMC event or even DJ Swamp's pyromaniac @$$. If your body desires instead to get lost on the dance floor for an hour or four, then find yourself at Evolution of Sound 3 featuring Tipper and a small grip of supporting acts....

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