Beta Nightclub

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Aural Pleasure: Tommie Sunshine

Tommie Sunshine is a DJ for the ADD generation. ADD DJ. Apple’s omnipresent shuffle feature has obviously influenced tastes in an unprecedented way, and a brand new breed of beat matcher is adapting to meet the resulting dance-floor demand. While doctors continue to over-prescribe Ritalin for attention deficit cases, though, music is the only mind-altering substance Sunshine craves these days....
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Aural Pleasure: MGMT’s Grammy Nods

Alex Khadiwala deserves credit for first turning me on to MGMT. These days, Khadiwala is one of Beta's Noise Friday resident DJs. At the time, though, he played “Poptronica” on Beta's patio for the Beatport “Pool Parties”. One of his very first Poptronica mix CDs featured the MGMT track “Electric Feel”. I won't pretend that I was immediately blown away, but the tune definitely grew on me over time. Apparently, I wasn't alone....