Rhyme Horizon: Talib Kweli @ Beta

Thanksgiving eve has long been a big night for club goers. Maybe Wild Turkey helps some cope with their families on Bird Day. Regardless, Beta's got talent--in the form of Talib Kweli. Whether you know K...
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Carpe Noctem: Halloweekend 2011

Role playing is an essential component of human behavior. Hollywood actors get paid big bucks for a good reason. If babies start as blank slates, trying on personas is how they figure out who the eff to be wh...

Hindsight: Got Bass Free Show @ Beta

There's no denying the hugeness of bass music right now. If Jesus Christ returned to Earth next Thursday, dubstep would probably crush him in a battle. The genre's popularity obviously helps sell mad tickets,...
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Hindsight: Mile High Music Festival

Colorado deserves its own Coachella. Commerce City's Mile High Music Festival isn't quite there yet, but we had to start somewhere. The third installment of Denver's biggest aural smorgasbord definitely featured its most diverse lineup to date. Case and point? Day two Bison Tent headliners Bassnectar and Z-Trip--not to mention the mostly local Beta Beach stage—ramped up the event's electronica edge in a major way. Mootown—as Westword's Dave Herrera would say—ate it up.

Shutterbuggin’: Beta’s fairytale campaign

Tired of being invited to nightclubs by stock photography models who'll never step foot inside? Beta, arguably the number one club in the country, offered a remedy in March when it kicked off a fairytale-inspired promotional campaign featuring actual club employees. Novel idea, right? Lauren, one of Beta's VIP hostesses, played Dorothy for the introductory Wizard of Oz images. I weaseled my way into the part of Scarecrow. And Toto was masterfully channeled by an ankle-biter belonging to photographer Jonathan Shoup's girlfriend.
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DJ IQ: Denver’s Kostas boasts Global Dance anthem

Kostas Kouremenous has been searching The Mile High City high and low for the perfect set of pipes. Kostas isn't a plumber, though, he's a producer—a DJ and dance music producer, to be exact. Although he's had his fingers in many different Denver pots over the years—a shoe store, a modeling agency and a number of nightclubs now (Amsterdam, Pure, Lotus, DC10, Zen)--partnering with Triad Dragons' Ha Hau on Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks was his single most in-the-black business decision to date.
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Aural Pleasure: MC Flipside

MC Flipside has never been more "In the Zone". Still coming down off his winningest Winter Music Conference ever, Flipside headlines Beta this week for Triad Dragons' NRG Thursdays. Frequencies are sure to be freaked.