4/4/17 – Dead Man Winter @ Bluebird – Denver, CO

“Just to clear up any confusion. Yes, we are also in the other band that is playing tonight. Good, I’m glad we got that cleared up.” – Erik Koskinen of the Erik Koskinen Dou and Dead Man Winter. Last nights show was full of funny tidbits like this one. Erik being from Colorado had many friends in the crowd which gave him and the rest of the band plenty of opportunities for jokes and light hearted banter. While opening the show Erik brought on the rest of Dead Man Winter as guests to help play his songs and finished his set by saying, “We’ve got one more song for you and then the headliner will be out.” The headliner, which was the same guys that were just on stage, proceeded to play plenty of old and new songs while taking shots with the crowd and even covering a song from the band Trampled By Turtles, which two of the members of Dead Man Winter are also members of. They covered themselves. Summing up the show with a 3 song encore David Simonett gave us one more great qoute, “Just one more song and we’ll let you go home.”

Photos by: Kenneth Coles