11/29/2012 – Fedde le Grand @ Beta Night Club – Downtown

Fedde le Grand showed why he is currently one of the biggest DJ’s in the world. Known widely for 2006’s “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” – Fedde performed tracks that kept the crowd pumping. His energetic performance flowed as he moved at lightening pace; twisting sounds, dropping beats, chopping and changing between tracks until the dance floor was throbbing to his ministrations. The floor was packed wall to wall – things heated up so quickly – I literally had to wipe my lens dry for the first time from it getting fogged up! The show was accompanied by strobes, lasers, lights, and plenty of base that kept people moving. Ecotek and Tommy Michael also left the crowd wanting for more and they spun throughout the night. Check out your pictures inside! || Photography: Brent Andeck