11/14/2012 – Asher Roth, Drop Switch and Guests @ Cervantes – Denver

Asher Roth brought the kind of tenacity and stage presence that the crowd had been waiting for. His interactions with the crowd were well received, as he directed girls to jump on stage, challenged a pair to a sing-along contest, and even had a chance to do a bit of crowd surfing. He saved his wildly popular “I love college” song for last and followed with an encore. Local group Drop Switch killed it as well with a lot of energy and passion that was clearly heard through their eclectic blend of instrumentation and vocals. Other bands delivering great performances during the night were Kruza Kid, Dirty Dirty Troll Pack, Chuck Inglish, and Kids These Days – who completely filled the stage with their ensemble – complete with trombone and trumpets. Come inside the gallery and find your pics! || Photos: Brent Andeck