10/12/2013 – Great American Beer Festival Gallery 1 @ Convention Center – Denver

They came, they saw, they conquered. Hoards of beer and craft-loving minions alike came together for the international event known as Great American Beer Festival. There’s a reason this sold out in a mere twenty minutes this year. Sure ticket master is partly to blame, but there’s no contesting the sheer magnitude of brewmasters, and attendees at the event with over 2100 beers to choose from. Many a warrior have fallen trying to get through every one. This was the largest tasting in the world. . . yes the WORLD. Hopmasters, Ales, Stouts, IPA’s, Coffees, Fruit, Wheats, Pilsners, and Chocolates – pick your poison. So grab a pretzel necklace, thrown on some horns and your favorite lederhosen/stache, buckle down and let’s do this right! (hangover included) All Photos by: Brent Andeck